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I woke up this morning realizing it is the beginning of a new year! I have been so busy celebrating the end of the last one I have forgotten to make my resolutions. So if you have yet to make your New Year’s resolutions—or at least your fashion ones!—you aren’t alone. But today is a good day to vow to yourself what changes you’d like to make for the next 365 days, (yes, 365. 2012 is a leap year!)

My New Year’s fashion resolution is to play with separates more. You’d be surprised how many variations of outfits you could put together if you have the right key pieces in your closet. I am such a sucker for dresses all day everyday in the summertime. But how many times can I wear the same dress and not get bored? Time to switch things up and add some layers, or…play with separates. For those of us who are on a budget, using what we already own and knowing how to create different looks with a single item is important.



Staple pieces I own that I love are-

– black blazer which I can wear with practically anything. Like seen here by style icon Olivia Palermo


– dark and light- washed skinny jeans and a pair of black leggings to give all my favorite over-sized shirts/sweaters proportion

– a pair (or many pairs!) of high sexy heels which can be the focal of a simple outfit

riding boots for everyday wear

Source: svpply.com via Lisa on Pinterest


– bodycon skirt to dress up a casual daytime look

So whether you vow to accessorize more, incorporate new colors into your neutral-colored wardrobe, take bolder risks with your style or give up your worn-to-death favorites, there is no better time to do so than at start of a new year.

Another idea? Pledge to shop local. Small businesses are at the mercy of consumer support. Shop businesses of owners with whom you know and keep us alive. Communicate with what works and what doesn’t work so we can always be sure to give you what you want. I am dedicated to offer the knowledge, the service, and the product you are looking for because I am also a consumer who wouldn’t want it any other way.