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So I told you my favorite looks from this year’s red carpet fashion at the Globes, it’s only fitting I tell you my absolute least favorite! I don’t necessarily blame the celebs themselves, but their stylists and family as well for allowing them to show up in such fashion that would warrant the disgruntled double-take.

Sweet Sarah Michelle Geller. Tie-dyed, painted-looking print and ball gowns should not be put together. This poor pretty face looks like a walking art project and it is really bothering me.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Ms Fashion Police herself, Kelly Osborne. Ya know, if you’re going to show up for the awards show in an unsteamed, all-wrong outfit yourself…probably should call out sick when it’s time to label the worst-dressed. Not to mention, I couldn’t decide whether her hair was really grey or a platinum job gone wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I live for exaggerated sleeves. Maybe she’s channeling her inner Judy Jetson

Kelly Osbourne

If Lady Victoria Hervey wants to fit in the Hollywood scene so eagerly, number one advice is hiring a stylist. But really any human eye could see how ill-fitting her gown was. The seam designed to run beneath the bust is running over them creating a flat-chested appearance. As my mom would always say, “Adjust your boobs!” I see this way too often when a girl goes bra-less, trying to keep the girls up nice and perky by tying the halter too tight. I’m also not a fan of the front-and-center bow tie. Her accessories are all wrong, chunky rings and a mismatched colored clutch. Just stop me.

Lady Victoria Hervey

Was Amanda Peet trying to hide something under this multi-tiered lacy moo-moo? (Sorry Marc Jacobs-I bet there is someone else out there that could possibly make this look good) …But this does nothing for her.

Amanda Peet

Piper Perabo– Ok so it truly is a disappointment to see such naturally beautiful women spoil their best moments in the public eye. She surely was enjoying showing off her sheer massive frock, but I cringe over and over… and over again. Ugh.

Erin Wasson- Really? ………..REALLY????

Erin Wasson