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Have I mentioned how much I adore the lovely and talented Rachael Ray? I recently made it to one of her taping with my mom in NYC and I am even in love.

-Sidenote- It’s been a year that I had been trying to obtain tickets to see her show. The process: Go to her website, click to get tickets, fill out the form, and WAIT. Tickets are free and hard to come by, or so it seemed to me! The women in front of me said they signed up within the month! Once you’re signed up, you wait for an email that gives you the dates and times available. RESPOND IMMEDIATELY!

TOTALLY worth the wait. My mom and I took the day off and took an early train to the city. Rachael’s studio is located in close proximity to Grand Central, so it was easy to find. 22 East 44th St between 2nd and 3rd Ave to be exact. It’s kind of a hurry up and wait process. We get there early enough to line up, wait to get inside and registered then escorted upstairs to sit in a waiting area until production is ready.

When we entered Rachael’s studio I was instantly amazed. The seating area is on a revolving floor which is moved around to face whichever part of the set is being filmed. It was interesting to see they had to actually begin with the musical guest, which is shown to end the show, in order to clear out the stage and get them on their way. In between “commercial breaks” a comedian chats up the audience to get to know us all and keep us laughing. The filming was so seamless, with a few extra takes here and there. While waiting for her food to cook, we’d break until she felt it looked perfect.

When Rachel herself came out, I literally screamed like a fan of boy band. She is STUNNING and her personality is just amazing. She rarely had to read from a cue card, everything just came out naturally and enthusiastically.

Someone in the audience asked where her shirt was from and she looked at the tag and said, “Haute Hippie.” She explained how she doesn’t like to get dressed up, she shows up for work in her sweatpants and leaves work the same way. All the clothing used on the set is donated! I have found the beautiful Peacock blouse she wore on this specific episode.

   http://www.neimanmarcus.com/p/Haute-Hippie-Ruffled-Peacock-Blouse-Contemporary/prod134670151/ <~ Click here to buy the top!

Lastly, Rachel filled us in on a funny little tid bit of her own, at the end of the show she says,

This may be what’s for dinner!

If she say’s it this way,

This may very well be what’s for dinner!

She means it! She takes home all the ingredients and makes it for her husband.

Rachael Ray Audience

We're in the last row on the left side at the end!

I was in the Buckland Hills mall Friday night and I passed The Gourmet Chef. What was right there in the window but Rachael’s cookware in my favorite color, Purple!! Add that to my list of things I have to have!

Check out our episode airing this WEDNESDAY, January 25, 2012!