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Nail art is growing in popularity; it’s no longer enough to simply paint your nails!  There are so many new designs, polishes and embellishments available to decorate your hands. From dazzling gems to bold painted patterns you can find a nail look to match any occasion.   I’m a huge fan of this trend personally—these amazing nails are a beautiful way to accentuate an outfit!

Source: ciate.co.uk via Kayla on Pinterest

AnM Sheer Layer Midnight Black Dress

Midnight Black Dress from Polished Boutique

This Ciate black nail style pairs great with the Midnight Black Dress from Polished Boutique! Together this look is classy with just a hint of edge!

Open Back Ruched Dress from Polished Boutique

There is nothing not to adore about these butterfly wing nails! The pattern is so intricate yet easy on the eyes with a mystical blend of colors. These fancy fingertips go beautifully with Polished Boutique’s Open Back Ruched Dress in purple!

Source: flickr.com via Kayla on Pinterest

Flutter Sleeve Top from Polished Boutique

A simpler style for your nails, but nothing less to look at! These sparkling tips are perfect for dressing up a solid colored garment such as the Flutter Sleeve Top from Polished Boutique!